About us

What is bXTRA?

bXTRA is a revolutionary LOYALTY PROGRAM that focuses on building stronger customer relationships with stores’ existing clientele through the issuance and redemption of Cashback Points–whether in-store or online.

bXTRA is currently at the forefront of developing an interconnected community of users, stores, companies, and foundations locally and regionally wherein they benefit from one another through Cashback

If used correctly, stores can increase their customer base as the bXTRA community grows and gain the opportunity to generate more income from an additional revenue stream.

bXTRA also serves as a marketing tool that helps businesses reach potential customers through the website, bxtra.com.ph, or through the bXTRA Client App, which promotes each store’s page and location, while also enabling users to create their own account. Through this, the user can start earning and redeeming Cashback at any partner store.

Moreover, bXTRA offers an online delivery service called the bXTRA Outlet Delivery. Through this, customers can order online from any partner store as well as schedule their delivery.

Company Profile

bXTRA Philippines, Inc. (bXTRA) is a corporation duly organized and existing under and by virtue of Philippine laws. bXTRA was incorporated with the Securities and Exchange Commission on June 14, 2018. Its corporate headquarters is situated at No. 10 Brixton St., Brgy. Kapitolyo, Pasig City, Metro Manila, Philippines 1603. bXTRA’s directors and corporate offices come from diverse backgrounds in business, information technology, law and accounting.

bXTRA provides Cloud-based Cashback Loyalty Platforms and related services for businesses in the Philippines and neighboring markets in Asia.

Additionally, bXTRA supports waste segregation and recycling through, in partnership with Basic Environmental Systems and Technologies, Inc., the Trash to Cashback Program and My Basurero App, and other charitable causes in the Philippines through bXTRA Cares.


bXTRA aims to decentralize Loyalty Card Schemes into an affordable global solution for both shoppers and retailers. Current Loyalty Club Card schemes are gradually becoming obsolete as the market continues to degrade, while only a small fraction of retail stores can afford to maintain a Loyalty Club scheme.

Bringing the global Loyalty Club Card Concept into the future requires systematic rethinking of the goals and possibilities of our current techniques. User interactions with mobile devices are also on the cusp of re-definition as new social profiling computing changes how we interact with daily purchases.

This is also changing how we see the opportunities of loyalty schemes via personalized mobile apps, cloud computing, as well as real-life tangible plastic membership cards.

The evolution comes by simplifying programming practices developed for complex systems. It is the practice of creating and modifying the design of a Loyalty Club Card system as it is developed.

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