Partner Outlet


What sets bXTRA Partner Outlets apart from other stores is the ability to reward their loyal customers with Cashback rewards through the use of our Cloud-based Cashback Loyalty Platform. Our system is compatible with any type of business from any industry and is continually developed in order to generate more sales and increase repeat purchases from new and existing customers.

By offering customers their very own Cashback Card, they are able to spend while earning points, which can be used to redeem products/services at their store or any bXTRA Partner Outlet.

Being part of the bXTRA Community will help you stay connected with your loyal customers and attract potential customers through Cashback incentives.

Features & Services

Cloud-based Customer Loyalty Platform
    • 2.75% starting Transaction Fee
    • 2.5% minimum cashback
  1. Cashback Loyalty Program
    • bXTRA Cashback Card (Standard or Co-branded Card)
    • Online Terminal System (OTS) training
  2. Cashback Loyalty Program
    • One Statement of Account for all Stores
    • Integration of your business to bXTRA’s system
  3. E-commerce Platform
    • Creation of BOD Store Page
    • BOD Team Support
    • BOD Personal Shopper

How to become a bXTRA Partner Outlet?

Fill out the form below and our team will get in touch with you shortly.
Make sure to prepare your documents in order to be processed as soon as possible.

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